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The film editor is going to put the film together, but they will need an assistant editor to help prepare the project so that they can just think creatively without having to put together the functional elements. Even the later two will require some specialized education, and to be the editing assistant you have to really know the software and the editing process. The other ones could be positions that you shoot for as a complete career goal, though a camera assistant often heads towards a director of photography and an assistant director could move to a unit production manager at some point.

Like a hypothetical romantic partner or something. I would struggle to live with myself if I felt that another person life felt incomplete, or stagnated, or diminished, or empty because they chose to partner up with me. I know my own life will feel fine, by my own standards, but I can easily see how I wouldn be enough for someone else, and that gives me an icy shiver to consider..

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