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Novel Synergistic Combination

  • Since methionine and taurine are important sulfur containing amino acids their administration along  with glucosamine and MSM is useful in patients suffering from arthritis and cartilage degeneration.

  • In previous pages we have seen how these ingredients are inter-related to each other and work synergistically. Glucosamine produces GAGs which are the building blocks of cartilage whereas other substances are rich in sulfur. Sulfur is highly concentrated in cartilage and controls many of the functions to maintain it soft and elastic in nature. Deficiency of any one of these substances may affect the metabolism and utilization of the other. For example, deficiency of taurine may cause the utilization of methionine for taurine synthesis and thus may deprive the beneficial effects of methionine. Hence it is ideal to take all the related ingredients together in proper amounts to provide the optimu benefits as in GMFIT BRAND LOGO123.


  • Importantly these ingredients are the part of our natural diet and have found to be safe in quantities provided in GMFIT BRAND LOGO123 even for long term use.