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Role Of Nutraceuticals

  • Numerous therapies and costly operations are often the result of arthritis. However, many people have reported that a change of diet can reduce the severity of this disease, and in some cases, eradicate the symptoms completely.

  • Whether one experiences joint pain or not, it is prudent to address the nutritional needs of cartilage and ligaments as the age progresses. Joint-related pain can occur from injuries, spinal disk degeneration conditions such as osteoarthritis, exercise, weight training, carrying excess weight, autoimmune disorders and just from old age.

  • Certain dietary supplements can reduce pain and also improve the structural aspects of the cartilage and joint and therefore slow or perhaps prevent and reverse disease progression. Glucosamine, MSM, racemethionine and taurine are important interrelated substances that work in tandem to reduce pain to maintain as well as to regenerate cartilage and improve joint function and mobility14,15,18.